"It matters not what we ride, but in that we all ride."

Our Story

Started in a basement back in 2015 with the idea of making just one simple logo for our community to represent what we love doing most in life, quickly spread through the excitement of family & friends.

So many amazing people dedicate their lives to riding of all genres. It's incredible to see our name adorning these passionate people and the adventures they pursue. Thank you to each and every one of you who have made this possible.

Meet The Team

Ride Minnesota™ is the brainchild of Dustin Grice, a Professional Rider originally from Eden Prairie who has deep roots in the BMX and Action Sports Community both locally and nationally. You may have seen Dustin performing for the past 15 years at the Minnesota State Fair, or on television in Explore Minnesota Tourism’s latest Super Bowl Commercial. Dustin owns and operates The Factory 24 Hour Indoor Bike Park in Northeast Minneapolis, as well as organizes and produces the “Lil Pros Kids Tour” showcasing the youngest talent throughout the world. Dustin has 50,000 unique subscribers on his YouTube Channel, with more than 15 Million views of his videos. Dustin has performed in Travis Pastrana’s Nitro Circus, and has also been featured on the cover of BMX Plus! Magazine.

Marketing & Sales
Robert has over 20 years of experience in Action Sports Marketing and Sales. His free time is spent riding MX, BMX, snowmobiles, and being with his family. He loves engaging in on-site events and bringing branding to life.

Logistics & Operations
Joni has over 20 years of experience in merchandising, has 3 wonderful kids, and even her first grand daughter!

Web Development
Born in NY, raised in MN Randy grew up in an area where BMX ruled the streets. Lower East-side, St. Paul, MN- Blazing trails and looking for new adventures is how I spent my childhood. From East 7th street to Lake Phalen onward to Sunray I've blazed all the hidden and well known paths. Reihbeins, Gateway state, wheelock parkway, lilydale trail, Battle Creek trail etc. Many thanks for the Ride Brand crew for taking me in and giving me a wonderful opportunity. Ride On!

Dan has over 15 years as an Action Sports Representative with Superior Impact Group. Dan is an avid snowmobiler, BMX, motocross and Wake enthusiast. He brings with him epic vision, integrity and customer service skills.

Event Ambassador
Proud to call the city of Minneapolis Minnesota home, BMX has always been Derek’s main passion, however windsurfing comes in a close second. Derek grew up riding trails and ramps, however over the years his focus shifted more towards street riding. Nothing that compares to the adrenaline rush of conquering a new set up. Riding has always been the perfect catalyst for meeting great people.

Event Ambassador
Ride: Definition - Betsy. Growing up in a family surrounded by dirtbikes, street bikes and snowmobiles, she has a passion few others can match when it comes to Grippin n' Rippin It. She loves to be high five'd when at events so stop and slap her some skin.​


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